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Welcome Friends! 
My name is Denise and I am an Angelspeake Facilitator, Reiki Master, Life Coach, and Spiritual Advisor.  I'm here to help you on your journey through life.
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A Message From Denise
Halo Earth ^0^'s,
Many of us have experienced our life lessons during these times of Ascension.  Changes in relationships, employment, lifestyles, and losses of all kind have been at the forefront of our being.  Have you questioned - Why?  The Shift into the 5th Dimension has brought about these occurrences and provided a release, of sorts, making room for the new. We look to accomplish our individual, "Heaven on Earth" and require assistance from above.  Angelspeake is a God given tool to begin learning how to connect.
If your inner knowing awakens to the potential of your divine-self, feel free to contact me, so that I may share with you what information has been given to me.

In Love & Light,